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Old Robie School at Little Falls


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Old Robie School at Little Falls

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Facility Information

668 Gray Road
Gorham, ME 04038

About Old Robie School
The Frederick Robie schoolhouse was built at Little Falls in 1888. The building was named for the Honorable Frederick Robie who was elected Governor of the State of Maine in 1882.

Facility is located at 668 Gray Road.

Rental Information
The building is available weekends and evenings for community events, wedding receptions and birthday parties. Maximum capacity is 125.

4 hour rental is $350.00 (Each additional hour is $75.00) 
5 hours = $425.00
6 hours = $500.00
7 hours = $575.00
8 + hours = $600.00 (For a full, same day rental) 

There is a $250 refundable security deposit.

Please INCLUDE your Set-up and clean -up time in your rental hours.

All day rental fee for wedding receptions etc. is $600.00 for the day PLUS a $450 refundable deposit.
The rental fee includes use fo the first floor and includes kitchen, dishes, tables and chairs.
Upstairs area is not available for use. 

For more information about availability contact the Recreation Department at 222-1630.

Facility Use Agreement
  • Old Robie School is restricted to no more than 150 persons.
  • Decorating: Do not attach anything to the walls or ceiling; use hooks if provided.
  • Completely remove ALL decorations when finished immediately following the event.
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted in or on the grounds unless alcohol is provided by a caterer with appropriate licenses and insurance OR user provides rental waiver from an insurance agency, or their home/apartment insurance policy naming Town of Gorham as additional insured if possible. Copy of licenses and insurance must be provided to Recreation Department before rental event.
  • The Town of Gorham offers facility use insurance through Maine Municipal Association. Please visit their website at https://app.gatherguard.com/?v=0419-052  . Venue ID: 0419 Venue Code: 052
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the building. There will be no exceptions. Smoking will be permitted outside the building, in designated areas, where receptacles are located.
  • KITCHEN: Please use a cutting board if you are going to chop, slice, or cut. Cutting boards are located in the kitchen. DO NOT CUT DIRECTLY ON THE COUNTERS.
  • Monitor children around the ovens and burners. Be sure everything is turned OFF when you leave.
  • All silverware, mugs, glasses and dishes used must be washed in the dishwasher that takes 50 minutes to run. TABLES AND CHAIRS: We have ten 8 foot rectangle tables, fourteen 5 ft round tables, and 150 chairs. When moving the tables and chairs please use extreme caution as not to mar doorways or floors. After use, return them to where they were found.
  • Leaving the Facility: Please refer to checklist which will be found in the kitchen. Remove all decorations. Bag and remove all trash from premises, use dumpster provided in parking lot.  Leave a fresh bag in the waste can.
  • Sweep, Vacuum and, Mop if needed. Return tables and chairs to where they were found. Remove all personal property. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged belongings. Sweep floors and vacuum rugs. Facility must be as clean, or cleaner, than you found it.
  • Gorham Recreation Department has no interest or control in any manner of the uses and activities conducted by the renter on the premises pursuant to this agreement. By its use and control of the premises.
  • User agrees to assume liability for those portions of the premises used. The user (s) of the facility agrees to hold Gorham Recreation Department and The Town of Gorham harmless for any and all loss, injury or damage to the premises caused by the User, its guests, or invitees, or to the personal property of persons or the User, its quests, and invitees, on the premises during the period of the User's use of the premises.


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