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Mad Science Summer Camp

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Mad Science
Aug 8th-12th

Topic: Mad Variety Lab
Grades: 6-12 years old, rising 1st-6th Grade

For the camper who wants to try it all, this Mad Lab Variety camp is for you! This camp has Mad Science’s coolest bits and pieces that will make you go scientifically bonkers! It’s one of our new favorites with fast paced experiments, one after another in topics like Laser Light, Electricity, Power and Energy, Che-mystery, and Magnets! Experience FIZZ”-ical Phenomena by stirring up some crazy concoctions,
create cool gases, electroplate coins, and make crystals. Dive into electricity by experimenting with Squishy Circuits and mini Van De Graff sticks. Learn about power and energy by building chemical batteries and solar powered devices. Use lasers to send music across the room and  build your own fiber optic lamp to take home. Learn the mystery behind magnets by building speakers, levitating magnets, and making magnetic putty. In this camp, you will certainly become a certified “Mad” Scientist! It’s a camp so great, it’s Super-Duper! 

Aug 15th- 19th

TOPIC: Robot Recruit
Grades: 6-12 years old, rising 1st-6th Grade

Join Mad Science for a week of discovery and fun in this five day Robotics Camp! Investigate robotic fundamentals with curious robots, learn about the history and current field of robotics, explore robot design potential by using robots that have big personalities, and build ingenious robots to take home. Compare, analyze, and test a variety of robots everyday that are correlated to the daily concepts. We will explore circuits, electricity, sensors, gears, and advanced robotic applications. Learn about the mechanical aspects of robots with gears, gear ratios, and torque. Pick up the basics of electricity by snapping together circuits to make a remote-control rover robot. Experiment with sound sensing robots, line-tracking robots, industrial robots, app-controlled performance bots, robotic pets, the world's smartest and smallest robot, and so much more! Our future roboticist round out the week getting more in depth experience programming robots as they cycle through programming stations that will enrich their understanding of programming. We welcome all children to become creative camper's that will design tomorrow’s robots today!

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